The start of my photography journey

I have long been fascinated with taking pictures. Something about capturing a moment in time and immortalizing it on a piece of paper and be able to say "I took that picture, I was there to witness it" excites me.

My mother was my first fan. I remember going on a trip to Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, as a treat for finishing 3rd Grade having the 3rd highest honor in class. She asked me to take a picture of her with the flowers of Burnham Park as the background. Instinctively, I was able to compose the frame properly. We were using a Yashica 35mm camera, and at that time, you will not see the picture until after the film has been developed. When we finally saw the prints, my mom said that I had a talent for photography. I didn't take it seriously because -- yes, she's my mother! From then on, she'd let me take pictures whenever we go on trips.

I did not get my own camera until I was in 5th Grade. My first camera was a 35mm film, Kodak Cameo. Since we didn't have much, and photography is an expensive hobby, sadly, it had to be put aside. 

With the advent of phones with a camera, my enthusiasm for photography is back again. Thanks to Nokia and their amazing built-in cameras, pictures were easier to take. And when Apple joined the smartphone industry, things went better for me and my love for photography. However, as much as you can try, a smartphone camera can only so much compared to an actual camera.

Fast forward to August 2017, when my very own DSLR camera arrived at my doorstep. Oh, what a joyous day it was.