Trip to the Philippines: Part 3 - The Sunset

Aside from sightseeing and friends, this visit is about finding closure with the Philippines. As I have mentioned in the first part of this series of blog, I left my motherland without properly saying goodbye.
The biggest part of my agenda is going to Puerto Galera. It's the closest island with white sand beaches, that is very accessible from Manila.

I have a lot of memories in Puerto Galera. I have been there several times but it never lost the charm on me. Also, it's the best place to go at the cheapest price. I won't go into details because you will only get bored. For one, it's the beach. I did nothing but dipped in the water and basked in the sun.
I wasn't able to capture the sunset on my first night there. The inspiration did not get to me on time to see the sun hide behind the nearby mountains. The following day, I made sure that I have the right emotions and the right inspirations.

And there it was. The last shot I took while in Puerto Galera, is the sun befor…

Trip to the Philippines: Part 2 - The Flight

I couldn't sleep no matter how hard I tried to sleep, I just couldn't. I keep thinking about what else could I possible pack to bring with me? Is my camera charged? Do I have enough charging cables? Are my music and movies downloaded? Are my papers in order? Wait... my passport! Where's my passport?
It's starting to snow again. The road's beginning to turn white again and the lines on the road are starting to disappear. It's still dark when left for the airport. I started the drive to O'Hare International Airport. Well, a portion of it. Just as always, my driving talents are only up to the not-so-crowded streets and highways. At the Oasis, we stopped to switch drivers. It's Matts turn of the leg. While approaching the airport, Matt decided to just drop me off the departure gates. As soon as the car stopped, we got out of the car and got the 2 pieces of luggage out and then kissed my husband goodbye. He drove away and I went inside to check-in my luggage.…

Trip to the Philippines: Part 1 - The Story So Far

Leaving the Philippines for the US was one of the hardest decisions I made in my life. It was such an overwhelming decision that I have forgotten to properly say goodbye to the country I love and cherish.

Matt and I met in the Philippines when his company sent him to facilitate training and knowledge transfer to the company that I work for. Being the one assigned to assist the visiting foreign delegates, the unexpected happened, Matt and I fell in love with each other. At first, I thought he was joking when he said that he will process the petition papers to get me to the United States. I said to my self, my mother and sister already tried that, but they both failed since I, here comes a shocker, do not want to live in the US. Visit the United States? Sure. Live in the United States? No. I am perfectly happy with what I have in the Philippines.
The long-distance relationship is taking its toll on both Matt and me. The time difference made it difficult for both of us to communicate witho…

Not the Typical Saturday Night at the 9th Street Pub

My friends and I usually hang-out at Fill’s house; the champagne room during the summer months, and then at the basement during cold season.  Sometimes, we head out to the town to see what’s happening. The Camden is the usual place that we go to. The Camden has that upscale bar vibe that attacts the yuppies and the younger generations of the area. The place is usually packed on Fridays and Saturdays, especially if there is a holiday or simply, if the weather is great. Of course, we can never forget about “Lasalle’s living room”, the 9th Street Pub. There is usually a band that plays punk rock on a Saturday night. 

When Fill wanted to go out that Saturday night, we first headed out to The Camden — but for some odd reason, the place was almost empty. Thanks to the beautiful bartender, there is an attendance. Before we even settled on where to partk, we decided to skip and go to Ellie’s Tap. The place was packed but everybody has something going on and it felt just like.... meh.
After we d…

Spur of the Moment

I have mentioned before that having a camera built-in to a phone made photography a continuous endeavor for me. Since I could not afford a camera, I contented my self in using it instead of an SLR or a DSLR.

The portability of a smartphone with a decent camera makes it a perfect companion for a spur of the moment inspiration for taking photos. 

Below is an example of those moments when you wish you have your DSLR camera but since you do not have it, you settled for the next best thing, your smartphone.

This portrait of Phil is taken and edited using an iPhone 8 Plus and the built-in editing function of the Photo app.

It truly helps if you have a DSLR or mirrorless camera as part of your photography arsenal. However, having a camera does not necessarily make you a photographer. Talent and technics do count in order to produce that image that speaks a thousand words.

Model: Phil Davis
Camera: iPhone 8 Plus
Editing Software: iPhone Photo app

The Heavy Hitters

...and what a treat! Phil's band, The Heavy Hitters is also playing that night of August 28, 2018, at the Ninth St Pub alternating The Lightweights!

So, here they are ladies and gentlemen! Phil Davis on Drums, Chris Clarner on Guitar, Preston Flaherty on Guitar, Rex Bush on Vocals and Chris Wagner on Bass.

Camera: Canon Rebel T6 Lighting: External Flash Lens: YongNuo 50mm F1.8 ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/100sec.

The Lightweights

I was invited to watch my friend Jacek's band The Lightweights at the Ninth St Pub in La Salle, IL last Saturday, August 18, 2018, and I was permitted to take pictures of the band while they’re playing. 

I am excited to take their pictures since I have yet to try taking pictures of a band while performing. There is a  bit of a challenge since the place is bit tight and there will be the crowd that's very close to the stage and it will dark.
Here are some of the pictures I took of the band.

Joshua Long on Lead Guitar and Vocals,  Newlywed Jacek Kaniewski on Drums, Erik Frandin on Guitar and vocals, and Matt Braska on Bass.

Camera: Canon Rebel T6 Lighting: External Flash Lens: YongNuo 50mm F1.8 ISO: 1600 Exposure: 1/100sec.